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It’s A Natural…

It’s A Natural…

Outdoor kitchens have soared in popularity among homeowners in South Florida.  For many however, they are not practical.  There may not be not sufficient space.  The weather can create too many roadblocks, not to mention bugs.  The great appeal of outdoor kitchens is the natural environment, fresh air, lots of sunshine, trees, plants and the best that Mother Nature has to offer.  Many homeowners who want the feel and look of an outdoor kitchen inside their home can create the kitchen of their dreams.  Here’s how.

Natural light is key.  And the ability to maximize natural light can be achieved in a variety of ways.  An easy fix is if your kitchen faces south because southern exposure receives the most sunlight.  If your kitchen faces east, west or north, you can bring in natural light by installing a wall of windows, glass doors and, if practical, skylights and light tubes.  Installing a wall of windows will sacrifice storage space, which can be accounted for by creating a pantry or installing a pantry cabinet on walls without windows.  

For north facing kitchens, installing a series of skylights or light tubes can bring in natural light during the day.  A detail to account for however is nighttime.  Make sure that your dream kitchen can accommodate a sufficient number of light fixtures to brightly illuminate the space with the sun goes down.

Additional ideas for creating a more natural kitchen is to use natural materials for cabinetry, floor covering and design elements.   Wood, cork, bamboo flooring materials create a warm, natural and inviting feeling.  These flooring choices offer organic elements of natural flooring, instead of ceramic tile which often can be cold.

Placing natural elements such as jars of sand, wood, straw, rocks, shells and similar items on open shelves or as accent pieces on countertops is another technique for bringing the outdoors inside.  Nature-themed photos and artwork also work well to create a natural vibe.

The color palette you select also contributes to the look and feel of a natural environment. Green and blue palates are not only trending as hot colors in dream kitchens, they also reflect the outdoors, reminiscent of water, grass, earth and plant life.  A splash of yellow is associated with the sun.  Earth tones, white, beige offer a natural feel and a clean look for walls and window coverings.

Open floor plans, clean countertops and modern designs help to create an airy, uncluttered natural look. Additionally, don’t overlook plants and herbs.  An herb box on the windowsill or in another light filled space is a common way to bring a little nature into your kitchen.  Other plants and flowers can create the same look.

How can you create the look, feel and vibe of a natural environment into the kitchen of your dreams?  Give us a call or make an appointment to visit our showroom and let us show you how to turn your dreams into a kitchen that would make Mother Nature proud.

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