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“Everything And The Kitchen Sink” Featured In City & Shore Magazine

“Everything and the Kitchen Sink” Featured in City & Shore Magazine


Client request: The wife wanted a European-style kitchen manufactured in the United States for her home in Plantation.

The result: The design is contemporary but organic. It features Zebrano wood veneer on the cabinets, porcelain on the floor and backsplash, a quartz countertop and a composite wood panel on the front of the bar. At night the bar lights up underneath. Kuritzky made a cardboard model of the kitchen before construction began. One of his suggestions was the addition of a wood beam over the window as an architectural element.

Trends: Combination of light and dark finishes on the cabinets, waterfall edges on the bar and cooktop, floating cabinets in the dining area and a high shelf with a mosaic in the background to display little-used items.

Advice: Research and go to the National Kitchen and Bath Association website ( for lists of certified kitchen designers, says Reif, who is certified.

The collaborative remodeling effort between Lewis Reif and Harlan Kuritzy in this 20-year-old Plantation home is distinctive because of the unexpected finishes, including the Zebrano wood veneer, porcelain floor and backsplash, engineered quartz countertop and white painted cabinets.

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