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Bathroom Options For The  ”Spa-Obsessed!”

Bathroom Options for the ”Spa-Obsessed!”

What’s better than a spa day? A spa experience every day! And it can be yours by simply transforming your bathroom into a soothing sanctuary fit for the most spa-obsessed around. With Allied’s team of experts, you can create your dream home spa brimming with luxurious touches and features that promote calm and relaxation. Who doesn’t want more rest and relaxation in the privacy of their home?

We do!

To get you started, and inspired, consider these go-to products for the ultimate home spa that leave you relaxed for days.

Zero gravity bathtub paired with elegant fixtures


TOTO manufactures some of the industry’s premier designed bathroom products for everyday luxury.  In fact, they have developed the first zero gravity bathtub, which allows you to experience an incredibly, as the name suggests, weightless feeling as you submerge in the bathtub. It promotes such a calming effect, you’ll quickly release the day-to-day’s tension.

Here’s a YouTube Video that explains the $19,000 tub and it’s special functionality.

TOTO also makes stylish 21stcentury toilets perfect for beautiful bathroom spas. The NEOREST series is not only elegantly designed, it features a temperature control seat and a highly efficient flushing system that both saves waters and cleanses the bowl, among other incredible features.

In addition, sinks and faucets from this brand are top-notch.

Say, “Ahhhh,” in a ThermaSol steam shower


This Texan manufacturer boasts being the steam shower originator, and is the leading steam bathing industry standard for more than 50 years.  A ThermaSol steam shower will create the sought-after spa atmosphere that you deserve.

Steam not only soothes and relaxes, it helps improve circulation and detoxifies the body. Athletic folks can enjoy recovery benefits post working out in this lovely steam shower, too. A ThermaSol steam shower is equipped with stainless steel construction, FastStart technology controls, beautiful finishes and a lifetime warranty and limited in-home warranty are available. Choose from the ProSeries and AF Series. The former offers the most features.

Pick a Fabulous Faucet and Shower-Head.


Hansgrohe, a German manufacturer, is for the modern and quality minded. The line provides form and function with graceful designs that can redefine your bathroom. Each product was made with ergonomic comfort in mind.  The Metropol bath and sink faucets are simple and minimal, so they are not too distracting, creating an atmosphere of quiet sophistication perfect for a soothing spa setting.  And the showerheads offer a “powdered rain” like experience like no other, thanks to micro fine drops.

Incorporate natural materials



Natural stone surfaces and wood are beautiful and luxurious. It can turn your bathroom into a spa like no other. Choosing a neutral color is recommended for a sense of calm. Cosentino has a nice range of textures, colors and styles, including bathroom tops, shower trays and floor. Cosentino’s Dekton flooring offers non-slip surfaces that are highly scratch-resistant. It comes in smooth or textured surfaces, including wood, stone and marble.

Don’t forget the cabinetry…

Remember, every spa bathroom deserves well-made and stunning cabinets and vanities. For instance, Omega’s craftsmanship comes in a vast selection of colors and styles. Their cabinets are known for beautiful and impeccable touches that can last a lifetime. Choose a cabinet and/or vanity that speaks to your spa style, which will help unclutter by storing your toiletries out of sight.

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