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Employee Spotlight: Peggy McIsaac, AKBD

Employee Spotlight: Peggy McIsaac, AKBD

This month we want to recognize Peggy McIsaac, AKBD, our head technical designer.

As a technical designer, Peggy’s focus is on getting all the little details correct. She does initial conceptual plans for the clients and once the job is contracted,  she does job-site plans which are used in the field for the entire project-demo through final installation of cabinets, appliances, countertops and backsplashes. Peggy also assists the designers in determining how to customize the cabinets in regard to appliances, organizing options (lazy susan’s, pull out racks, etc,) by analyzing the specifications of both the cabinetry and the items being added into it.

She produces shop drawings for our cabinet manufacturers to build custom items for us, providing mechanical and electrical information, as well as cabinet installation detail. Peggy works with Allied designers, project managers, and installers as needed throughout the project to resolve issues that can and do arise. We never know all we need to know until we get the walls opened up, so there are almost always some minor issues to work out.

In addition, Peggy also acts as the resident cabinet expert and liaison with the cabinet manufacturers to resolve warranty issues that arise from time to time. Peggy is available to assist other designers who draft with the 2020 design program when they have questions or issues.

 Here is a job Peggy took on with designer, Lewis Reif , where she did both the conceptual plans for the client and the job-site plans.





This is a set of conceptual plans for one of Georgie Stark’s clients, showing the use of color renderings.





***In addition to her amazing work, Peggy is currently taking classes at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts for Acting and Singing and is the resident bartender for all of the Allied Kitchen & Bath charity events.

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