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August Is Here And That Means Back To SCHOOL!

August is Here and That Means Back to SCHOOL!

August is here, which means back to school. The kids will be heading out the door needing their lunchboxes and will be coming home ready to snack before dinner, so here are a few ways to keep their brown bags and healthy treats easily accessible.

Undercounter Refrigeration

Undercounter refrigeration is the perfect way to keep food and drinks within young ones’ reach. Nestled beneath the counter they can be installed in a kitchen island or elsewhere.

Drawers allow for easy organization of fresh fruits and vegetables, yogurt or cheese sticks. Door-front is equally useful to line up juices and water or overnight oats and cottage cheese.

Choose from a variety of appliance brands and select sleek stainless steel or custom panels to match cabinetry to create a seamless flow.

French Door Refrigerators

French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerators have dual drawer options allowing for a separate lower refrigerator drawer for easy access and organization. 5-drawer models allow for even more customization with temperature control and soft close pantry doors as seen in the KitchenAid models.

Another great feature like found in GE models is the door-in-door hidden compartment which allows for access without opening the entire refrigerator. Having kid-friendly, functional appliances can also help keep dinner ingredients and meal prep free from disarray.

Kitchen Organization

Dedicate a pantry cabinet shelf or drawer to healthy snacks like trail mix or dried fruit. For a larger drawer utilize plastic bins or containers to keep organized. Choose from a variety of storage solutions like those available from Omega Cabinetry from wall to base cabinet built-ins and pull-outs to custom drawer inserts.

A preparation area with lunchbox storage, resealable bags and organizers makes for a perfect place to unload in the afternoon, prep the night before and load in the morning with perishables from the refrigerator.

Keep your kitchen de-cluttered, organized and functional with an array of cabinet and appliance options designed to make every day a little easier on parents.

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