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Why I Quarantine?

Why I Quarantine?

The unprecedented times we are living in has undoubtedly been a challenge for all of us. It has disrupted our businesses, impacted our celebrations, and altered life as we know it. Some of the changes have been interesting such as learning to work from home or even making homemade hand sanitizer. While other have been difficult like not being able to get together with our families during the Easter and Passover holiday. But I believe in the resilience of our community and have confidence that we will come back from this stronger than ever. As we quarantine ourselves in our homes, it can be challenging to always remember why especially during the tough days. So, we chatted with some of the top leaders of our community to discuss why they quarantine.

We hope that their messages resonate with you as it did with us and sheds a glimmer of positivity in your week. Together we will get through this, flatten the curve, and get back to our new normal!

‐‐ Bill Feinberg, President at Allied Kitchen & Bath

“United Way in Broward County quickly put out a campaign saying #StayHomeBroward in hopes of helping to flatten the curve. Broward had the highest cases in the state when we started that. And so many people passed along the message. We can all do our part and staying at home is helping. You are making a difference. Let’s QUARANTINE TOGETHER BUT DISTANT.”
‐‐ Kathleen Cannon, CEO at United Way of Broward County

“My family quarantines to do our part to protect all of our community members. COVID‐19 can overwhelm the young and the old alike. By staying home in quarantine, we reduce the risk of contracting the virus and then spreading it to others. Quarantining helps slow the spread, and we are proud to do our part!”
‐‐ Ben Sorensen, City of Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner ‐ District 4

“As a lawyer, I tend to be pragmatic about things like this. The numbers don’t lie. We don’t have enough ICU beds, ventilators, masks, etc. to treat the percentage of the population that might have symptoms of COVID‐19, as well as those people who might have cancer, heart attacks, strokes, or other ailments. Even if the coronavirus doesn’t scare you, the lack of medical availability and treatment should. As a community, we have to flatten the curve because it benefits all of us.”
‐‐ Michael D Wild, Managing Partner at WFP Law

“The reason we quarantine is to protect our families, coworkers, customers, and community. The quarantine is important because it protects the safety of others. The quarantine has reminded us to be grateful for our lives and many other things that we might have taken for granted previously. Our employees are still working on special projects and preparing for the months ahead for the store. We continue to serve the community and have partnered with Be Nice and other organizations to provide food for the homeless and hospital nurses/staff at Broward General. Fort Lauderdale is a strong community, and we will get through this and come out on the other side!”
‐‐ Patrick Daoud, President at Daoud’s Fine Jewelry

“I quarantine for my parents. I quarantine for my children. I quarantine for your parents. I quarantine for your children. I quarantine so we can have one less virus to worry long term. I quarantine so we can get back to business faster. I quarantine because it’s the best option we have to thrive and survive. I quarantine for me… for you… and for all humankind.”
‐‐Kavita Channe, CEO at Channé Rosé

“I quarantine because my family and my community mean everything to me. I have been at home for three weeks now, and it’s definitely had its ups and downs. We got a rescue puppy because we figured this was the best time to do so. We are all home, and Penny, the puppy, has been a great distraction from all of the craziness going on outside. I miss my barbershop and, most importantly, my clients, but I trust our officials that closing nonessential businesses was the best decision. I am loving getting to cook more meals for my family and late‐night movies with my kids. I am staying as optimistic as possible through these turbulent times and also keeping an attitude of gratitude one day at a time.”
‐‐Greg Young, Founder & CEO at The Backpack Barber Foundation


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