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When we decided to completely retrofit our master bathroom we looked for a full-service company that could support all aspects of the project, including design, material and color selection, permitting, demo, installation, inspections, etc. A friend suggested that we speak to Allied Kitchen & Bath.

Our relationship with Allied began at a meeting with Lewis Reif, during which we described what we wished to accomplish and had Lewis describe the service which Allied could provide, which was the full project support and management we were looking for. Based upon this discussion we decided to move forward with Allied.

It took some time for us working with Lewis to iterate on design details. At the same time we worked with Jenn to select hardware and with Lewis to select tile and cabinetry. Once we had finalized design, Allied staff handled the permitting process, getting complete designs made, filing for permits and tracking the permit progress.

Just prior to the start of construction we met on site with Lewis and Ted Bentley (our project manager). At this time, Lewis & Ted decided that personnel and materials would come down the outside of the house, across the rear patio, through sliding doors into the master bedroom, and down the hall to the bathroom. While much longer than coming through the front door, we could close the door at the entrance to the master suite and isolate the work areas. In this way we were able to maintain the rest of our personal space while the work was being done. A major plus for us!

In addition to this isolation of space, the friendly attitude of Allied’s personnel (each day starting with a smile, first time introduction and a handshake) served to make them welcome in our home.

One of things that surprised us from our first discussions with Lewis was his estimate that destruction/construction would take 3+ months to complete. After all, it was just a Master Bathroom! WE LEARNED.

Actions included:

Isolation of the entire Master Suite with drop cloths and zip open doors and installing a walkway over all of the work path.

Removing existing vanity, sinks, shower walls, plumbing fixtures, wall tiles, interior walls, and a large bathtub. Jackhammering off the floor tiles, removing the existing shower drain and jackhammering though the concrete floor pad to dirt, pest control required for dirt exposure, and installing a new drain.

Roughing in new walls so the plumber and electrician could do their initial installations. Installing the waterproof walls around the new shower area. (Note: As the inspector from Coral Springs was leaving, he said “It’s a pleasure working with people who know what they are doing”. kudos to Trevor.)

This review is getting long but it is far from complete. Just to summarize the individual services required to renovate “just a bathroom” included: destruction and heavy lifting (Blake & Marvin), carpentry(Trevor), plumbing, electricians, wall board taping and finishing (Eric), ceramic tiling of floors walls and shower interior (Sergio), quartz counter tops and shower surrounds, seamless glass shower doors and sidewalls, cabinet and trim installation (Ken), painting of wall and ceilings (Angel).

The parade of material, workers and inspectors that had to be coordinated to keep the overall project moving was daunting. Fortunately, we had Ted Bentley. While his business card says “Project Manager” from our perspective it would be more appropriate to call him “Maestro”; with a baton replaced by a cell phone. In addition to his management functions he told us on day one to call or text him if we had any questions, problems, etc. His response was often immediate and most often ended with saying he would be there within an hour or so. Every opinion we asked for and every question we raised was resolved. We cannot overemphasize his value to the project and to our peace of mind.

Stuart & Marilyn Hersh

Stuart & Marilyn Hersh
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