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Kind of an interesting story: my husband moved down to Fort Lauderdale before I did. We had already bought our house and knew that we had to do some kitchen renovations. So on a rainy day he ended up stopping by Allied just to go in and check things out, wandered around and Bill Feinberg approached him. They chatted for probably half an hour or so and my husband was very impressed. I mean it’s not always that you would run into the president who would take the time to actually be there and talk to a potential customer. So that’s how we ended up with Allied. We honestly looked at a couple of other contractors but I think we had already made up our minds before that, so. We have done one major project with Allied. The kitchen was a total renovation. We also re-did our master bath. and master bedroom and we did a full redo of a cabana bathroom. The most impressive thing throughout our process with Allied was that the involvement and interests that Bill and his team showed us. Bill is super energetic and fun-loving and great to be around and he demonstrates passion in everything he does. I guess I’d sum up saying that it’s just a very passionate process and we enjoyed being part of it.

Kristin Barlow
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