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I am writing in regard to Lewis Reif,Paul Sepancy, and Denyse Lake and their connection to my condo apartment renovation. While you and I have had our “moments”,which I do not apologize for,I do regret not having included my deepest respect and gratitude for these three Allied employees.

Lewis Reif worked closely with me on the design and always kept me in the loop of work being done; explained and answered my questions;kept me and Paul Sepancy connected; and despite my “NY attitude”,remained the consummate gentleman throughout. Lewis put my mind at ease,assuring me that Allied will always have my back via my contractual guarantee. This was of great importance to me.

Paul Sepancy,lie Lewis,a great and patient gentleman at all times. Paul was extremely knowledgeable of everything being done on the project,and often troubleshooting, especially during the rough spots. He would do the work himself when necessary,and kept some of the more challenging sub-contractors accountable. He is worth his weight in goldI

Denyse Lake,a charming woman with loads of patience! She also kept me in the loop of project plans,and when necessary,did some troubleshooting,as well.

Now that the project has FINALLY come to closing,I am very pleased with the result. My apartment is BEAUTIFUL,as well as functional.

Thank you and the several Allied employees not specifically noted.

With Sincere Gratitude,

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