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March Newsletter

March Newsletter

Allied Kitchen & Bath goes green!

We would like to wish you a 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 

Employee Spotlight:
Debby Singer, Showroom Manager, Decorative Hardware
An industry staple with deep familial roots, Debby Singer has carved a niche out for herself in the South Florida Community as Allied Kitchen & Bath’s Showroom Manager. Well respected among her industry peers, Debby is passionate about her job and manages to successfully live and breathe plumbing and hardware in such a way that when she suggests a brand or type of fixture, it comes from a long line of experience and knowledge and Allied’s clients know they’re getting the best advice possible for their project.

Debby is relentless in her quest for customer satisfaction and will stop at almost nothing to make sure she delivers exactly what our clients needs.

“Debby is an incredible mentor for our younger employees and has taken many of them under her wing to not only teach them about our industry, but about life, family and genuinely caring for people in general. She is more than an asset to our Allied Kitchen & Bath family.” – Bill Feinberg, president

Tell Tale Signs of an Aging Kitchen…
There are lots of great reasons to renovate your kitchen.A new kitchen makes preparing meals, cooking and dining so much more enjoyable. A new kitchen allows you to make a unique and distinctive design statement. A new kitchen increases the value of your home and provides multiple years of delight and fond memories.
When’s the right time to renovate? Your kitchen may tell you. Consider the following signs of an aging kitchen:
  • Colors and paneling is dated and worn.
  • More than one cabinet or drawer does not close evenly or properly.
  • Cabinet door hinges wobble.
  • You are a two cook family with a one cook-sized kitchen.
  • You have a microwave/oven combination.
  • You have knobs on your appliances.
  • Countertops, grout and flooring never come as clean as you would like regardless of the amount of attention that is paid to them.
  • Because of limited space, your need to store every day cooking equipment in other rooms of your house.
  • You don’t have the right configuration to entertain the way you would like.
  • Your backsplash does not extend more than 8 inches above the counter or reach the base of cabinets.
  • Your cabinets have exposed hinges.
  • You kitchen uses over and under cabinet fluorescent lighting.
  • The only lighting is recessed cans.
  • Your countertops are made from commonly specified granite that has become a commodity.
  • Your kitchen shows wear and tear or visible signs of water damage from past leaks.
  • You have a hard time finding what you need when you need it.
Like in this dated “before” kitchen, your kitchen may be telling you it’s time for a makeover. The extent and investment required will depend on your goals.
In this kitchen, the owners felt it that it was nice enough but was dark, uninspiring and didn’t function well to open the narrow space where it was located.
Allied Designer, Melissa Mailly, cleaned up the layout and gave the kitchen a complete light overhaul by replacing the woodgrain cabinets with a bright, white exterior and better lighting.


If you’re feeling as if your kitchen needs a refreshing, come into either of our showrooms for a consultation today!!
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