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Kiss Breast Cancer Goodbye

Kiss Breast Cancer Goodbye


  • Breast cancer hits home, young and old, it doesn’t care.
  • Please share because we’ve got to be aware.
  • Breast cancer doesn’t care if you lose your hair.
  • Don’t reject getting checked and make sure you don’t lose your boobs.
  • Big and small short and tall we love them all!
  • Love those breasts upon your chest!
  • Big and small we love them all!
  • Don’t reject getting checked cause breast cancer doesn’t care so please share.
  • So save a life and feel your wife and check for bumps on those lumps.
  • If your clear, time to cheer, donate and wear your hot pink pumps
  • If you’re into pink give me a wink!
  • Don’t reject getting checked it’s your duty to save those boobies!
  • Those boobs were made for feeling and that’s just what I’ll do,
  • Make sure you check those lumps for bumps or those boobs might just kill you.
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