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Since its inception in 1963, Coral Springs, FL has grown to become one of the more up and coming, family-friendly areas in South Florida. Coral Springs has quite a bit to be boastful about. From five-star rated schools to the local amenities, the community has much to offer for both residents and locals. 

Many of the homes in Coral Springs consist of a variety of townhomes and single-family homes. Homeowners are always looking for ways to remodel parts of their homes, especially if they believe it’s in need of a touch-up. 

At Allied Kitchen and Bath, we offer a variety of home remodeling services – ideal for all situations. We also specialize in outdoor kitchens. As an additional incentive to use your outdoor space more frequently, outdoor kitchens will put a stamp on all family occasions – barbecues, parties, and social gatherings. 

Here at Allied Kitchen and Bath, we are all about meeting the demands of every client we do business with. An outdoor kitchen would give you, the homeowner, incentives in using your outdoor patio space more frequently than normal.

Our team will offer you some of the best materials for the job. If you choose to do so, you can implement stainless steel countertops, which get the job done. Their clean and contemporary look will accent your outdoor kitchen perfectly, while their resiliency and overall longevity help to ensure your kitchen stays in working order. The better the material, the less likely you are to run into issues regarding the weather or general wear and tear. Our team will work diligently alongside you to ensure that the outdoor kitchen adheres to your personal taste. 

Still unsure? We offer portfolios on our website of previous outdoor kitchens we’ve constructed. Our team recognizes that visual aids are very often a necessity in fueling the creative process and at Allied Kitchen and Bath, you will have many choices to make a selection from. 

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