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Allied Kitchen & Bath Celebrates 35 Years Of Successful Business In South Florida!

Allied Kitchen & Bath celebrates 35 years of successful business in South Florida!

Two showrooms and 65 employees later, Allied Kitchen & Bath celebrates its 35thyear of business.

Fort Lauderdale, FL (March 18, 2019) –After moving through 35 years of successful business in South Florida, Allied Kitchen & Bath continues to make its mark through its two beautiful showrooms and thousands of completed remodeling and renovation projects. The Allied company culture is to treat their current and incoming clients as family, delivering the highest form of service and dedication throughout the project and at times, far beyond.

Joe and Bill Feinberg

Coming from Philadelphia, PA in 1979, Bill Feinberg and his brother Joe founded Allied Kitchen & Bath in Fort Lauderdale in January of 1984. They sought to build a company that would do things differently; a company that valued service over time spent and quality over quantity. Bill and Joe began selling their services with a mission to provide the best caliber of results possible. They chose to open their first showroom in Fort Lauderdale, FL. They searched the city for the ideal place to build and eventually settled on three large lots on Oakland Park Boulevard. It was in one of those lots that they set up shop, bringing brothers Robert and David to their developing team. With the Feinberg’s forethought and vision, this large piece of land was destined to be Allied’s home for the next 35 years.

In 2008, the Feinbergs broke ground for their current 15,000 ft. flagship showroom which opened in 2009. While most of the country was fighting to survive a declining economy, Allied Kitchen & Bath expanded and specifically designed their new showroom to be a fun and elaborate event space as well with spacious ceilings and a dramatic central staircase connecting the two floors through a wide-open foyer space. It was the untimely loss of their father to cancer that prompted their developing company culture of “paying it forward.”They started generously hosting multiple events through mutual collaborations with non-profit organizations that inspired them and proceeded to raise millions of dollars creating a successful business model that many have aspired to over the years.

Allied Kitchen & Bath opened their second Allied showroom in 2015 in the emerging hot-spot city of Oakland Park. The sleek space features interactive indoor and outdoor kitchen models that serve to represent construction ideas and products for client projects. In addition, the showroom holds plenty of beautiful work stations for cooking demonstrations and wine tastings.

Why has Allied Kitchen & Bath been so successful? When planning a renovation or remodeling project, nothing beats seeing and touching the products in person while being guided by an expert who is well versed on all aspects of design and construction. These showrooms can also be utilized by many of South Florida’s architects, builders, contractors and designers to show their clients the latest in plumbing and hardware as well as the most current of trends in the Kitchen & Bath Design Industry. Their completed projects continue to set the code for spectacular design and consistent, reliable service.

“When people come to our showroom, they will truly get a unique experience; knowing that the work that we do is exceptional, knowing our community involvement is above and beyond what most companies do, and knowing that we will stand behind our work 110%! Whether it be today, tomorrow or in the future, Allied will always be there for our clients, that’s one thing we will NEVER sacrifice!”

– Bill Feinberg, President of Allied Kitchen & Bath


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